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Nintendo not phasing out Wii U Basic Console

by William Schwartz


Following rumors from Kotaku that Nintendo may be phasing out the 8GB Wii U Basic Set, Nintendo of America has confirmed that this is not the case. The company explained in a recent statement to Polygon that they are currently working with retailers to “re-balance stock”.

“There is a current misperception about Wii U hardware,” Charlie Scibetta NOA Director of Corporate Communications told the publication. “To clarify: Nintendo is working with its retail partners to simply re-balance the stock of the White 8GB and the Black 32GB Wii U models in the market.”

The Nintendo representative further explained that “Consumers looking for either model will continue to find them available.”

While the rumor made sense, considering the inadequate HDD space of the 8GB console, it looks like if you want that core Wii U experience, you can still get it if you so choose.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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