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Nintendo Switch and NES Classic Edition Restocks Hitting Best Buy Tomorrow

by Kyle Hanson


According to what appears to be a now deleted tweet, Best Buy will be restocking two of the most hotly sought after items in all of video games right now: the Nintendo Switch and the NES Classic Edition. The tweet gave exact details on what to expect, saying that potential buyers should check the Best Buy website at 1pm Eastern Time tomorrow, March 29th. This link lists both items, so have it ready and keep refreshing, cause these are definitely going to go fast.

The Nintendo Switch is currently sold out around the world, which makes sense as the system just launched. Most consoles sell out at launch, though the Switch seems to be lagging behind demand a bit more than is typical for console manufacturers, especially outside of the holiday season. Still, Nintendo has promised and delivered on some restocks, and it seems like more are showing up on a nearly weekly basis, depending on the store and location.

The NES Classic Edition on the other hand has been a totally surprising development. Essentially, the miniature console was the hottest item at Christmas, outside of Hatchimals I suppose. Nintendo seemed to woefully underestimate demand for the nostalgic device, and has continued to undersupply for months now. The NES Classic Edition has typically fetched high prices on resale markets, though the fervor of the holidays has definitely calmed down lately.

Nintendo has a track record of poor supplies in the US. The most famous examples are probably the original Wii, amiibo, and the Super Smash Bros. Wii U accessories. There are endless examples though, including the Breath of the Wild Master Edition and the Majora’s Mask 3D Limited Edition. Nintendo seems to either underestimate demand, or intentionally undersupply in order to grow demand in the long run. Hopefully this restock helps ease some of the tension among potential Switch buyers, but act fast.

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