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Nintendo Switch Equaled Combined PlayStation and Xbox UK Console Sales In 2020

Everybody wanted a Nintendo Switch in 2020.

by Dean James


The Nintendo Switch has been a massive seller since it launched back in 2017 and had a heck of a 2020 in sales more specifically. You have hardly been able to find a Nintendo Switch in stock this year, especially during the early quarantine period, because everyone was buying them up around the world. We do not have any exact sales numbers right now, but we have learned that it has completed a pretty incredible feat in the UK for the year.

According to the Christopher Dring, head of, via his Twitter, the Nintendo Switch was a true dominant force in the UK in 2020.

“In the UK last year, if you add every PS5 sold to every PS4 sold to every Xbox Series sold to every Xbox One sold… you get pretty much how much Nintendo Switch sold”

That is a wild statistic to think, especially with how popular the other consoles both last-gen and current-gen have been. We don’t know how much stock there was for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in the UK at launch, but it’s still very impressive.

It will certainly be interesting to see when we get more exact sales numbers for the console launches around the world, though the US numbers won’t be quite this even more than likely.

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