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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller FCC Approval Should Mean Pre-Orders Are Coming Soon

by Dean James


The Nintendo Switch was fully unveiled nearly two weeks ago and with that came the barrage of accessories that will be releasing for the system. While the system itself comes with the two JoyCon controllers, an alternate option is the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Oddly though, no pre-orders for the Pro Controller have popped up in the US, but it likely is coming very soon.

Immediately following the Nintendo Switch presentation, pre-orders went up for the Switch on all the major nationwide retailers like Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon. This was accompanied by a number of accessories like extra JoyCons, a charging base for the JoyCons, and more. However, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller did not show up that night or since in the US, while it has gone up in other territories.

We were wondering what might be going on with this lack of pre-orders, leading to some concern that they might not have many of them, similar to the Wii U GameCube Adapter that was hard to find for awhile. The good news though is that the pre-orders should be coming soon as the controller has just now been approved by the FCC.

As discovered by Reddit user WeirdDudeInTheCorner, he discovered that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has just recently passed checks by the FCC and been approved. He provided two links discussing Bluetooth frequences and NFC frequencies, both features we already knew about for the controller.

With this finally being approved by the FCC in the last week, this means that the controller could very easily go up for pre-order now. We have yet to see it pop up yet with US retailers, but we will definitely pass along that information as soon as any go up. You wouldn’t think that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller would be hard to obtain at release, but considering this is Nintendo, I wouldn’t take my chances.

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