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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller FCC Approval Should Mean Pre-Orders Are Coming Soon

| January 25, 2017

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller FCC Approval Should Mean Pre-Orders Are Coming Soon News Nintendo  Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch was fully unveiled nearly two weeks ago and with that came the barrage of accessories that will be releasing for the system. While the system itself comes with the two JoyCon controllers, an alternate option is the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Oddly though, no pre-orders for the Pro Controller have popped up in the US, but it likely is coming very soon.

Immediately following the Nintendo Switch presentation, pre-orders went up for the Switch on all the major nationwide retailers like Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon. This was accompanied by a number of accessories like extra JoyCons, a charging base for the JoyCons, and more. However, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller did not show up that night or since in the US, while it has gone up in other territories.

We were wondering what might be going on with this lack of pre-orders, leading to some concern that they might not have many of them, similar to the Wii U GameCube Adapter that was hard to find for awhile. The good news though is that the pre-orders should be coming soon as the controller has just now been approved by the FCC.

As discovered by Reddit user WeirdDudeInTheCorner, he discovered that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has just recently passed checks by the FCC and been approved. He provided two links discussing Bluetooth frequences and NFC frequencies, both features we already knew about for the controller.

With this finally being approved by the FCC in the last week, this means that the controller could very easily go up for pre-order now. We have yet to see it pop up yet with US retailers, but we will definitely pass along that information as soon as any go up. You wouldn’t think that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller would be hard to obtain at release, but considering this is Nintendo, I wouldn’t take my chances.

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  • Jacob Mrox

    Well at least it’s a decent controller this time.

    • Jason Quaicoo

      Hell yeah that controller looks pretty boss compared to the Wii U pro

    • Lyubov Fridlyand

      I think I agree.

  • Raheel

    Quite similar to Xbox One controller.

  • Sihem Sihem


  • Mikey

    Sounds great. Might wait with that price though.

  • Robert Andrzejak Jr


  • Helen Membreño

    Looks nice!

  • AmeeR (The Prince Ab)


  • Boz

    ohhh My! its see through

  • Ritwik R. Sharma

    pretty expensive for a controller imo

    • Jason Quaicoo

      Very expensive 70$ for a controller what??

  • Nicholas Rodriguez

    Kinda expensive still. Maybe it does too much?

  • wins4me

    My grandson would love this

  • Chris Galford

    Looks nice.

  • Mikey A

    I will hold my final judgement when I finally get to play it, but I’m stoked for more games! Can never go wrong with Mario! ?

  • Alexander Valdez

    Excited for the Switch and the controller XD

  • Smith Jones

    It’s great

  • Allen

    Pretty ugly IMO


    That’s something I’d likely invest in since I’m primarily gaming on Xbox.

  • Nelson

    Looks good, but a little too expensive like the rest of the accessories for the Switch.

  • Dennis

    :) wait and see for me, but definitely has my eyes on it..

  • Outrun1986

    Too expensive for my tastes but I am sure the controller is good

  • Natalie

    I know that my brother would love the nintendo switch!

  • Glad they are following Xbox design.

    • BTW, my comment is not registering for the contest. Will continue to try.

  • Fred M

    Really does look just like the Xbox controller… except with its ABXY in proper place ;P

  • Elle

    My younger brother would love this.

  • why not !

  • calmond

    Can’t wait to try out the Nintendo Switch in general!

  • MewzMe2

    Well I am very interested in this. The controller is much needed for this new game system. I want to play now.

  • Liam

    Love the see through design!

  • Albert Jose Bastidas Escobar


  • Sexy Mcgee

    I hope it has a strong rumble pack… for her pleasure.

  • Darklurkr23

    Cant’ wait for this pos to CRASH AND BURN

  • DJWolfyK

    wow………that was fast

  • Atique Morshed Sami

    looks cool.

  • Stolar b

    why cost it expensive 70$?

  • Rob Hestar

    These sold out when they went up on amazon in 20ish minutes….at 70.00 a pop….Nintendo making money this gen that’s for sure, haha!

  • thicc

    looks like an xbox one controller tbh

  • Rishabh Abhani

    I think switch has a lot of potential only if there are a lot of games to play and that too majority of AAA titles
    Its not like i am against indie titles but you know that there is always a kind of different flavors in these AAA titles

  • Grant Evans

    Awesome, but I’ll wait til I can get it for cheaper.

  • David Carapinha

    Excited for this!

  • Kim ONeill

    looks good

  • Milton Pelaez

    Hope is not like the pro

  • The controller looks great, hopefully they are a little easier to preorder than the Switch itself.

  • Brian Kautz

    Hasn’t Nintendo died yet?

  • Tammy Horn

    Looks like a great controller!

  • It looks pretty awesome! Looking forward to checking it out!

  • Fitzers

    Hell yeah.

  • 0Tuar0

    not switching yet

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    Sort of pricey. Maybe good to add later.

  • Deb F

    I’d be interested once the price goes down a bit.

  • wins4me

    My grandson would love this

  • Trinity Rosario

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  • Sam Chen

    when is the dub coming out tho

  • Ashley B.

    This looks awesome

  • jaiave


  • ? ĐøƤĕỸ ♏️

    I like the see through

  • Looks good to me!

  • Julie

    I don’t think I’d buy one, but I do find the Nintendo Switch interesting. I’m curious to see how people respond to it once it’s released.

  • Julie

    It’s interesting that the FCC has to approve this kind of thing. I had no idea!

  • Jeff Geer

    cant wait :)

  • Rob Hestar

    switch is gonna be awesome! :D

  • Josh

    i really like that controller makes me want to switch a little more

  • Rosie

    I know my nephew wants this! We love Best Buy!

  • Tomas Pargade

    Looks pretty decent.

  • Amy Heffernan

    Thanks. :) Great giveaway!

  • dPPPd

    Gonna need some RFID tags to track and find all of these modules and accessories.

  • myangelsman09

    I’m super uncertain about this one. I’ll hang back.

  • jaiave


  • pin_go


  • Cheryl

    Looks cool!

  • Joe


  • Neutralcake

    This definitely will be my preferred way to play on the Switch!

  • Bruno Ferreira


  • Nascar Dog

    Can’t wait…

  • omar


  • FairyTailForever

    Oooo nice

  • Chris Lowell

    Cool beans

  • Chris Lowell

    I would love one of these for exclusives

  • Amy Brewer


  • Erin will

    Looks sleek but definitely expensive.

  • Kronos

  • Joe smith

    Pretty pricey

  • ShihTzuOnYou

    Not feeling it.

  • miglerman


  • Al Chemist

    It looks moderately uncomfortable, only time will tell if it’s ergonomic enough.

  • Ruth Norton

    Still not a fan of the analog sticks being at different positions, like the Xbox controllers.

  • Wal Mac Vargas Jarquin

    im a pco player but well it looks decent

  • Nice! For some reason I was thinking (and dreading) that they went back to the horrible N64 controller layout.

  • Jacob?Strong♌


  • Devtek

    The Price is ridiculous though even if it is a good looking controller.

  • VAAN Gad


  • Krieguewar

    Gorgeous controller!

  • am314090


  • Sheldon

    Good news, hoping for some titles that can put it through it’s paces.

  • Jennifer W

    I don’t like the design. I’ll probably pass or wait until it goes on sale.

  • cool com

    Look nice

  • Noelle Carroll

    It looks like a good controller, I would much rather play with a pro controller than the JoyCons… Ill wait and see how the switch fares before buying it.

  • Annie


  • PSap29

    Looks like a solid controller, but way too expensive

  • wins4me

    love to win

  • Neng Thao

    Good Job

  • Trinity Rosario

    Awesome giveaway!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Brian Lee

    looks pretty good to me

  • Adam Robinson

    I happy

  • Ellie Sheely

    interesting. for the grand kids. I am not a good player, and they beat me all the time.

  • Veder

    Don’t really like the Xbox design (personal preference) but looks way more comfortable than the clickable ones

  • mohammad anjum

    sounds son would love it

  • justsuff

    Would be handy if Goldeneye is re-released.

  • Bryan Vice

    love the grip of the controller

  • JB Wassel

    Nice controller!

  • Aaron Rozon

    That’s gotta be the best controller ever for nintendo. The original gave me huge blisters as a child lol ??

  • Amanda Lindsay Shearouse

    I preordered at GameStop! Yay!

  • Brenton Haysom

    Always glad to see them keeping the old YXBA button scheme.

  • Matt2005usaf

    Looks pretty nice tbh

  • tammy S

    It looks like a decent controller for my hubby or son would like to have thanks

  • Outlaw

    Looks a lot better than I expected. Pretty solid.

  • Rob Hestar

    I hope the controllers not cheaply made!

  • evan x

    Can’t wait for the switch!

  • Alex

    Thinking about getting a Switch. It would be the first Nintendo console I’ve owned personally since the Super NES

  • Joyce S

    I’m sure my son would like this.. definitely up his alley!

  • JB Wassel

    Awesome-looking controller! Thanks for sharing this information with us!

  • John–

    As others have already pointed out, the controller looks nearly identical to the Xbox One.

  • Yay! Good news! I can’t wait!

  • Xavier X Man Carthen


  • Ryan Krauser

    change in controller is vital

  • Garrick Baatrup

    I can definitely get down with this controller.

  • Susan Smith

    My son wants to get this.

  • ceyvn

    A real controller, at last.

  • oasis789

    looks good!

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