Nintendo Switch Reaches Historic Sales Numbers with 86.7 Million Units Shipped

Switch continues to be popular.

by Aaron Nashar

Nintendo has just announced its quarterly financial results, revealing that the Nintendo Switch sales numbers are now over 86.7 million units as of June, racing towards the PS3’s lifetime shipments.

The beloved Nintendo Switch has gained huge popularity for offering both options of being a handheld console and a stationary one when connected to a TV.  Gaining the love and support of its consumer base with beloved exclusives such as Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Smash Bros, and Animal Crossing.

Since its launch in 2017, the console has shipped 13.1 million units in its first year only, by the end of 2020 it sold nearly 88 million units, and what’s even more impressive is the continuation of that momentum by selling 10 million units in the first half of this year 2021 alone.

So far, the PS4 outsold the Nintendo Switch by only 28.97 million units, which makes it only 3 million units shy of beating the Game Boy’s record sales. Given the fact that the PS4 launched in 2013, 4 years before the Nintendo Switch, it seems as though it’s very much possible that the Switch will catch up.

North America seems to be the largest market for the console, it accounts so far for nearly 40% of the total sales numbers, around 11.1 million units. Europe comes in second place, with 7.15 million units.