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Nintendo Switch Reportedly Will Not Have Apps Like Netflix At Launch

by Dean James


The Nintendo Switch presentation held last week gave us a lot of the information we’ve been waiting on, such as price and release date, but the actual UI and such were not touched on too much. With an online store, you would think it would be obvious that the Nintendo Switch would have apps like Netflix, but it sounds like they will not, at least at launch.

Apps are pretty much everywhere in this modern age, whether that’s on your phone, television, video game console, and even some refrigerators. Many of these are rolled out after the fact, but there are definitely some that are almost always there from the get go these days, especially with apps such as Netflix.

Business Insider had a chance to attend the Nintendo Switch demo event last week and with that came some interesting information involving apps like this. According to their report of all things Nintendo Switch, the system will not have “multimedia functions” at launch.

This information was said to have come straight from Nintendo of America senior public relations manager that informed them that the the Nintendo Switch would not have these features at launch, which they said would be apps such as Netflix. However, they did state that Ellis specifically said “at launch” in his comment, though this isn’t a guarantee that such apps will be coming later.

You would think that the Switch would absolutely have to add multimedia apps like Netflix at some point in the time shortly after launch. Netflix was a massive success on the Wii, with it being a Netflix box for some people, and the app also came to the Wii U and even 3DS later.

While the Nintendo Switch does not have 4G LTE capabilities to stream something like Netflix on the go, it would have been nice to have it for use at home or when connected to Wi-Fi. You would think there is almost no way that Nintendo would leave apps like this out entirely, but the Switch’s online system is still so under wraps that we really don’t know.

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