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Nintendo Switch To Utilize Unreal Engine 4

by Raymond Garcia


Today Unreal Engine is one of if not the most popular game engine today, being utilized by pretty much every major gaming system since it’s release in 1998. Because of this it comes as no surprise to learn that many Switch games will be running in Unreal Engine come 2017. Takayuki Kawasaki, Epic Japan territory manager told Social VR Info (via Nintendo Everything) during the interview Kawasaki explained that many of the games in the works for the Nintendo Switch would be utilizing the Unreal Engine. The exact list/number of games that would be running Unreal Engine 4 was not divulged in the article but is expected to contain both games not yet announced as well as previously announced games.

Kawasaki explained that many of the games in the works for the Nintendo Switch would be utilizing the Unreal Engine.

H. Yasuhisa was quoted as saying “In the summer of 2015, since the information that “Dragon Quest is using Unreal Engine” comes out, attention also gained attention within the industry” claimed Kawasaki. Nintendo’s “Switch” also comes out for Japan, and Unreal Engine supports Switch and there are many titles actually used for Switch, too, so the large titles released so far also have new titles Also released. I hope that the console will get more excited.”

An interesting note here is that Kawasaki seems to be pointing to more of a interest in the Unreal Engine itself by Japanese developers. With many devs producing multi-platform games it remains to be seen just whether or not these games will make it to the seemingly under powered Switch. The interview goes on to note that Dragon Quest XI is technically based on the exact same engine as well as being the very first Japanese developed Unreal Engine title making it’s way to the Nintendo Switch next year. Unreal Engine was originally developed for the likes of first person shooters but has been successfully utilized in many other genre of gaming including MMORPGS, stealth games and more. Now in it’s fourth iteration Unreal Engine has proven it is here to stay for the long run whether it’s running on a PC, Switch, PS4 or some console in the future expect Unreal to be right there with us.

The Nintendo Switch will be released sometime in March, but a recent press release from the company announced the Nintendo Switch Presentation, it will kick off at 8pm PT / 11pm ET (January 12)/ 4am GMT / 5am CET on Friday, January 13.  Hopefully giving us the Nintendo fix we are all so desperate for.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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