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Bethesda’s Todd Howard “Can’t Say” If Skyrim On Nintendo Switch Is The Special Edition

by Mike Guarino


When we first saw the video reveal of the Nintendo Switch, we got a look at several games running on the console. One of those was Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, which originally launched in 2011 but most recently got remastered in the form of a Special Edition last year. We never got a confirmation regarding whether or not the Switch version would be the original version or the remastered one, and we still haven’t.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard recently spoke with Polygon, where he talked about several future projects that are in the works. They report that “As far as future projects, Howard is tight-lipped. He says the company’s next games will please fans, but offers few specifics, other than generally praising Fallout 4 on VR, mobile game The Elder Scrolls: Legends and Skyrim coming to Nintendo Switch. On the latter, he “can’t say” whether the original Skyrim or the 2016 remaster will be released.”

Seeing as Nintendo Switch is not as powerful as PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, it makes sense that there would be issues in bringing the latest version of the game to inferior hardware. The game is several years old now, but it’s still a monster considering the sheer size of the game and could result in the improvements made in the Special Edition being left out. There’s also things to consider such as a feature like mod support that was added to the console versions of the Special Edition, which could also be causing a holdup on the Switch version.

Either way, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a fantastic game that will be a great addition to the Nintendo Switch’s library. Having a game of that scale available to play on the go will be quite the experience, and will give Switch owners countless hours of gameplay to look forward to. We reviewed the Special Edition of the game when it launched last year, and you can check out our review of that by clicking right here.

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