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Nintendo Switch Will Offer Battery Replacements Through Nintendo

by Dean James


The Nintendo Switch is just a little more than a month away from release and there is bound to be plenty of new information about the system coming out between now and then. With the portable nature of the system and repeated charging, there have been concerns about being able to replace the battery since Nintendo said they were not interchangeable, but now it appears there will be one way to do so without voiding the warranty.

As revealed by the official Nintendo UK website, those who need a new battery in their Nintendo Switch, whether it can’t hold much of a charge or whatever, there will be an alternative option.

“Please note: the internal battery cannot be removed. If the battery needs to be replaced, we plan to offer paid replacement via Nintendo Customer Support.”

This isn’t all that surprising, as there is no way that Nintendo could not offer some way to replace the battery, though we don’t know how much this would be covered under warranty with them stating it would be a “paid replacement.”

By the time you probably need a replacement battery, it’s likely that some third party person will be selling batteries for the system anyways, as Nintendo has already revealed it is a Lithium ion battery with battery capacity 4310mAh.

We also are not sure if you will be able to buy the battery directly from Nintendo Customer Support if you need one, though that would obviously void the warranty by trying to change it, but we are assuming that the most likely solution will be you actually sending in your system to Nintendo and having them replace it and send it back. This is pretty frustrating with not knowing how long Nintendo could take, but at least there will be an option in place.

While this is just from the Nintendo UK website, we assume that Nintendo of America will be offering the same, but with Nintendo there are never any guarantees.

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