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Nintendo Switch will have Paid Online Multiplayer Starting Fall 2017

by Kyle Hanson


Update: More details can be found here, such as the differences between free and paid subscriptions, which seem to amount to access to basic features for free members. Subscribers will also get free goodies, like NES and SNES VC games with added online multiplayer, though you might not be able to keep them permanently.

Original Story: Today at the Nintendo Switch reveal event Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima revealed extensive plans for the online multiplayer services of the new console. It seems that Nintendo is joining the modern era and its fellow console manufacturers by offering robust online features, but it won’t be free.

Well, it will be at the beginning, as Kimishima revealed that players will be able to play online, as well as organize matches with friends from the console and their smart device. However, in Fall 2017 the service will change to a paid service. No price was given, but Nintendo does have a track record of offering these types of services for a small price, such as the $5 per year that players pay to access Pokemon Bank.

Full online play is a bit different than that simple service though, so it will likely hit closer to the $60 a year that Xbox Live and PSN players are accustomed to paying.

We don’t have many more details just yet about how the Nintendo Switch online multiplayer services will work, but expect more soon. Nintendo also revealed that the console will be released on March 3rd, so they don’t have long before launch to get things ready for launch.

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