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Nintendo Switch will have Paid Online Multiplayer Starting Fall 2017

| January 12, 2017

Nintendo Switch will have Paid Online Multiplayer Starting Fall 2017 News Nintendo  Nintendo Switch

Update: More details can be found here, such as the differences between free and paid subscriptions, which seem to amount to access to basic features for free members. Subscribers will also get free goodies, like NES and SNES VC games with added online multiplayer, though you might not be able to keep them permanently.

Original Story: Today at the Nintendo Switch reveal event Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima revealed extensive plans for the online multiplayer services of the new console. It seems that Nintendo is joining the modern era and its fellow console manufacturers by offering robust online features, but it won’t be free.

Well, it will be at the beginning, as Kimishima revealed that players will be able to play online, as well as organize matches with friends from the console and their smart device. However, in Fall 2017 the service will change to a paid service. No price was given, but Nintendo does have a track record of offering these types of services for a small price, such as the $5 per year that players pay to access Pokemon Bank.

Full online play is a bit different than that simple service though, so it will likely hit closer to the $60 a year that Xbox Live and PSN players are accustomed to paying.

We don’t have many more details just yet about how the Nintendo Switch online multiplayer services will work, but expect more soon. Nintendo also revealed that the console will be released on March 3rd, so they don’t have long before launch to get things ready for launch.

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  • Erik Larsen

    this is gonna piss me off cause they are now being sony and microsoft all over i was hoping to god theyd make it free but no i think console gaming is dead

    • Koopa King

      Except it isnt? It costs money to run online servers and Nintendo servers have been shit for the longest time, actually putting money towards better infrastructure is the best thing they could do.

      • GrimmyReaper

        Sure, except it isn’t.

        PC offers more dedicated servers that are FREE than consoles. Paying for online is absolute BULLSHIT

      • Erik Larsen

        i still think it should be free cause paying to play online is bullshit on pc even on the crappy xbox integration pc gamers get to play for free online and same with steam u get to play for free online

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      the difference is Nintendo’s online services have always been poor.. so the fear isn’t paying for the service, the problem is paying for something that more or less will be garbage!

      • Erik Larsen

        i bet once they see that no one will be paying for it then they might decide to decrease the price to pokebank price 5 dollars a year

        • Bilal Prince-Ali

          they have tooo.. Honestly Nintendo always seem soooo far out of the loop that its embarrassing… this is just another case of Nintendo just not ‘getting it’… I genuinely believe they’ve got one more console cylce in them until they completely move into the handheld only or software and handheld only market because their consoles are actually just constant reminders of them ‘not getting it’

          • Erik Larsen

            yea and also there is this one dumbass fanboy i was talking to on a youtube comment thread and the idiot says that nintendo has always been a pioneer in engineering on game controls i dont think so

          • Bilal Prince-Ali

            Nintendo fanboys are SO blinded by their loyalty it makes them look crazy’!! lool

      • Erik Larsen

        i might not be paying for their shitty service after all since they dont have built in mics on the console its self or has no bluetooth which is stupid and i hate having to download a separate app just to voice chat with my friends while i play my games its just stupid so this just makes me want to buy it for the games thats it and i barely go online on my wii u anyways sometimes i goto the eshop app but thats it

        • Bilal Prince-Ali

          yeah i understand… this just seems like yet another scenario where Nintendo just ‘dont get it’…

    • Allen

      Just be thankful that Sony came in and showed what a subscription service should look like (literally over $1000 worth of games a year for your subscription).

      • Erik Larsen

        yea but most of the free games on ps4 are shit most of thoes dumbass free games are crappy indie

        • Allen

          You couldn’t be more wrong. Some of the best games of the generation have been given away for free on the service and it gives newer games, more current gen games and higher rated games than XBL.

          • Erik Larsen

            i know cause most of the games i saw were utter shit and mostly indie games that most people didnt want

          • Allen


            PS+ has gotten tons of amazing games on their release day. Most of what is good on XBL was free on PS+ months if not years ago. some of the highest rated games of the gen have been released on PS+.

            NBA 2K16
            Infamous First light
            Valient Hearts
            The Unfinished Swan
            Metal Gear Ground Zeroes
            Stealth Inc. 2
            The Walking Dead
            Rocket League
            Counter Spy
            Grow Home
            Tricky Towers
            Rebel Galaxy

            Just to name a few….lol, now pick your wanna be troll ass up off the floor and GTFO

          • Erik Larsen

            fuck off ps fanboy i still prefer xbox and pc more than playstation and ps+ to me is a joke and a shit ton of thoes games are boring besides the walking dead and the rest are boring games and also i do have resogun but thats it and u forgot to mention gravity rush and also fuck the stupid sport games if u want to play sports go and play them with actual people

  • Mr Xrat

    Thanks Microsoft.

  • fllysurfer

    They lost me a while back… this wont win me over for sure. No appeal to me whatsoever.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

    Nintendo Network and Xbox Live?

  • Allen

    lol….CALLED IT!

    12 years of worthless XBL and now you need $170/yr to play online. I sure wish you kids didn’t screw up so bad, it’s sad that Sony had to put a band-aid on this mistake of yours. I sure hope Nintendo isn’t making this thing a worthless paywall.

    Now all that would have to happen is operating systems in all devices, tablets, laptops & desktops to get paywalls and my worst fear would be realized. Luckily I seriously don’t see that happening but you can see how XBL started the ball rolling and it’s all their fault and those who supported it. PS3 was free online play and every bit as smooth and lag free as XBL. Even during unexpected downtime you could still play online…you just couldn’t purchase anything from the store.

    Anyways, here’s to hoping that Nintendo’s subscription service has free games like Sony ushered in…err….put a band-aid on this mistake of yours.

    • Guest

      Right, MS introduced “paying to play online”.
      Sony followed their footsteps but at least introduced “free games with subscription”.
      And now Nintendo is doing the same.

      The problem with the “Improving or maintaining infrustraction” argument is we have absolutely no idea how much of the cash is going into the network infrastructure and how much is going back in the shareholders pockets. I’m sure MS’s investors loved the Xbox 360 era when we blindly gave them money.

      I, as a former Xbox gold member would like to apologise for this…

  • John C

    i have this feeling that the prices will be close to PS and Xbox. Can Nintendo finally create a good online service that people will pay for? We will see what happens. If we can get a pretty good system like PS+, then it could turn out to be good. I am happy the online service for Sony has not gone down in a while. Lol

  • GrimmyReaper

    Not paying. No way.

    Online play should be free.

  • Allen

    The paid service comes with a 1 month trial of an NES or SNES game. After the month you have to buy the game to keep playing it….lol, no thanks. I rather enjoy my NES/SNES library already.

  • jdc88

    Pay to play online for what.. a game like splatoon? Lol

  • Hard Sell

    I’m not convinced this is a good idea for Nintendo specifically.

    Sure PS4 can get away with it as it’s dominating sales with more than twice the user base of its competitors, when your console is the place to be you can do almost anything you want.

    Xbox can get away with it as they have always nickelled and dimed their customers. Everyone knows what you are getting with Xbox, it’s expected, and Microsoft fans will buy it anyway.

    But Nintendo? They don’t have the user base or the appeal of Sony, nor do they have the low expectations or customer loyalty of Microsoft. This is going to be a hard sell I feel.

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