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Nippon Ichi Software Teases New Title with Lots of Blood

by Kevin Reyes


Nippon Ichi Software, the Japanese developers behind the popular Disgaea franchise and known publisher for Japanese games brought to the West, has launched a teaser website for a new upcoming title.

The teaser site contains nothing more than a splash page and a few social media buttons. But the splash page itself is pretty interesting.

Upon first loading the website, you’ll be greeted by an image of 12 silhouettes and their shadows in front of a bloody background. A few seconds later, an animated blood splatter effect will start that will temporarily obscure the image. Once the animation finishes, you’ll notice that one of the silhouettes, the one on the far right, has mysteriously disappeared.

What’s even more strange is that every silhouette, including the one that disappeared, are stained with black smudges — all but one that is. One silhouette stands out because of its pure white color. But the white might not really be representative of anything good, because those with a keen eye will also notice that this person’s shadow isn’t behaving like how a shadow should. Instead of perfectly imitating the white figure, the shadow seems to be armed with a knife.

All these factors — the blood, the disappearance, and the knife — point at a murder mystery game, perhaps something in the vain of the Danganronpa or the Zero Escape games. But that’s just speculation, as Nippon Ichi Software hasn’t officially announced the game just yet. It still has no name nor platforms.

On that note, it’s a bit suspicious that Nippon Ichi Software began teasing this new title a week before the upcoming Nintendo Switch event.

Back in December of 2016, CEO Sohei Niikawa commented that they are working on projects for Nintendo’s upcoming console. Could this seemingly dark and violent title be one of those projects? We’ll just have to wait for an official announcement from the company.

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