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No Man’s Sky Free Updates Coming ‘This Is Just The Beginning’

by Anthony Decicco


No Man’s Sky seems to have gotten off to a rocky start. People weren’t expecting the grind that the game has become, there is a lot less interaction and more mundane to the game. However, it looks like the developers at Hello Games are looking to rectify that by constant updates.

After weeks of perpetual silence, Hello Games has posted a Development Update regarding the state of their most recent and largest release. First they address what they have been doing these past few weeks and all the updates and fixes they have implemented on both the PlayStation 4 version and the PC version. From there they go on to mention that they are going to continue such problem solving for the community with constant fixes and updates.

“What matters now, as always, is what we do rather than what we say. We’re developers, and our focus is first on resolving any issues people have with the game as it is,”

Then they stop at the most crutial part, the mention of forthcoming free updates that will ‘expand’ the game for fans. No word on what Hello Games has in store for No Man’s Sky as far as free updates, but the thought begs possibilities.

“future free updates which will improve, expand and build on the No Man’s Sky universe. This is a labour of love for us, and it’s just the beginning.”

No Man’s Sky is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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