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No Man’s Sky Is Now One Of The Lowest-Rated Games On Steam

by Mike Guarino


The backlash that developer Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky has gotten since the game launched earlier this year has been brutal, with the game getting ripped apart from all corners of the gaming industry. However, due to the game’s continued negative reception and lack of communication from the developers, the game has now reached a new “milestone” on Steam.

Hopping on over to the game’s Steam page will reveal that the game has a rating of “Mostly Negative” based on over 71,000 reviews, with the past 5,000+ reviews being “Overwhelmingly Negative”. This makes it one of the lowest-rated game on Steam of recent memory, and it doesn’t seem like this trend of negative ratings for the game is going to stop anytime soon.

Steam’s data also reveals that just 32% of the game’s reviews overall have been positive, with only 12% of them being positive over the last 30 days.

The Reddit thread that brought this all to light can be found by clicking right here, which is currently filled with people demanding answers from the developers on delivering the product they advertised. Things definitely aren’t going well for the game right now, and despite some patches that have tweaked some issues there is still a long way to go in terms of making consumers happy.

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