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Nomura Talks About Kingdom Hearts 3; Plus Utada Returns For Theme Song

by Damian Seeto


Tetsuya Nomura had a chance to talk briefly about Kingdom Hearts 3 to Dengeki PlayStation magazine in Japan while promoting KH 2.8. It was also confirmed this week that Utada Hikaru will be returning to do the theme song for the video game.

First let’s talk about the theme song news first. Hikaru’s father, Utada Teruzane confirmed via a fan on Twitter that they have started working on the theme song for Kingdom Hearts 3 already. He said: “We’ll do it. Actually we have already started. Sorry for keeping you waiting“.

Utada Hikaru has made theme songs for many of the other Kingdom Hearts video games. It’s great to know that she is back as the games would not be the same without her.

Speaking of Kingdom Hearts 3, Tetsuya Nomura spoke more about the game during an interview with Dengeki. KHInsider translated the entire interview, but we’ll summarize what he said about KH3.

In terms of development, things are winding down for KH 2.8 and the team is working hard to get it done. Nomura thankfully did confirm that the development on 2.8 did not impact on the progress made with Kingdom Hearts 3 which is a good sign.

In terms of combat, KH 0.2 and KH3 will have “fundamental differences” in terms of core systems, but it will be what you might expect from a PS4 title. He said they had to get used to the PS4 hardware, bu now they are comfortable with it. He also mentioned in passing that KH3 should give players more freedom in terms of commands compared to older video games.

Lastly, with 2.8 releasing next year, Square Enix can now focus on Kingdom Hearts 3 fully. He said that KH 0.2 should be a small taste for what is to come. He concluded by saying he cannot say much more about KH3 right now, but 2017 will be the 15th anniversary of the series so more announcements are coming very soon.

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