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If it’s not Scottish it’s crap: Scottish Highlanders added to Verdun

by Joshua Evans


If you, like many others, had your enjoyment of Verdun held back by the complete lack of kilts, fret no more, as the Scots have just been added to the game via a free update. Scottish Highland Infantry will play the role of scouts, and even come with a fancy new rifle to help do the job. The rifle in question is the Pattern 1914 Enfield, which is said to be more accurate and durable than the Lee-Enfield, with the draw back being it weighs a wee bit more and has less ammunition. There is even a short trailer to showcase the Highlanders and the Pattern 1914 Enfield so you can see them both in glorious action there. Sadly Bagpipes are not part of the update. Your squad leader will have to play suitable music through their headset instead as you and the lads charge across No Man’s Land. If you are playing on PC you got the update today. Unfortunately PlayStation 4 players will have to wait until the end of the month for their chance to wear a kilt.

As for what country is represented next, I am hoping Nepal gets in on the Great War action with their Gurkhas, though it is probably unlikely. If more fronts besides just the Western Front are added, then countries such as Italy, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire would be very much welcome. Australia, New Zealand, India, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, South Africa, and Siam, all participated in the Western Front at some point, and could be added in to the game with some deal of accuracy without expanding into other fronts. The more countries represented the merrier.

Regardless of who is added next, the developers of Verdun seem to be on top of giving players free DLC that is enjoyable, and we hope to see more in the future.

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