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Official Tekken 7 Tournament Announced For Japan

by Damian Seeto


Bandai Namco has now announced an official Tekken 7 tournament that will be held in Japan and will offer big money.

Tekken 7 director, Katsuhiro Harada, announced on Twitter:

TEKKEN 7. First official tournament with prizes.

The official Tekken website posted more details about this tournament. The total prize pool is 10 million yen. This equates to around $82,000 USD. That’s a lot of money on offer that will be shared around the best players of the game.

The details of the tournaments are as follows:

– The official name of the tournament is “THE KING OF IRON FIST TOURNAMENT 2015”, will be held the “OSAKA CHALLENGE” “TOKYO CHALLENGE”, “JAPAN ROUND”, “GRAND FINAL” as a constituent tournament.
– Total prize money of 10 million yen is the total amount of prize money to be paid in the tournament to be held in Japan (OSAKA CHALLENGE · TOKYO CHALLENGE · JAPAN ROUND · GRAND FINAL), prize money of representative finals to be held in other than Japan are included not.
• Each representative finals to be held outside of Japan, will be held by local companies organized.
• All of the tournament to be held in Japan, and on the “TEKKEN-NET member” in which junior high school students or more players like mandatory participation conditions in Japan living.
• Each tournament to be held in Japan, because of the prizes tournament, will be made in all special venue.
– Scheduled to be held in November-December 2015 “GRAND FINAL” will be 1on1 tournament.
– Organizers of each event to be held in Japan is NAMCO BANDAI entertainment.
– Overview of each tournament to be held in Japan, schedule, regarding entry, at a later date, it will turn guidance at this site.
· The organizers of circumstances or special circumstances, it might if the contents of the convention are subject to change, or tournament of is canceled.

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