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Officially Licensed PS4 Keyboard and Mouse Controller Revealed


When it comes to FPS gaming, a keyboard and mouse setup is overwhelmingly the way to go if you want to quickscope it with the best of them. Superior and adjustable sensitivity and precision as well as a myriad of customization options make it the best choice for the genre. Keyboard and mouse of course have their drawbacks and aren’t suited to every genre, but it’s nice to have the choice between them and using a controller.

Hori, one of the world’s first makers of third party accessories for consoles, think so as well, which is why they’ve stepped up to offer an alternative to the Dualshock: the Tactical Assault Commander 4.

Putting aside the cheeto-dusted name, this cut-down keyboard and mouse combo for Playstation 4 is backwards-compatible and features a set of programmable buttons. The left analog of the Dualshock, according to Engadget, is mapped to a set of WASD-like keys and has labelled buttons for ‘Snipe’, ‘Quick’, and ‘Walk’. The right is controlled by the mouse and features four programmable buttons and what appear to be adjustable sensitivity buttons for configuration on the fly. It connects to the miniature keyboard via USB, meaning only one controller port is necessary for the Tactical Assault Commander 4.

Listings for the Tactical Assault Commander 4 have appeared on Amazon, and its pre-order cost is approximately $140 USD. It will be out with plenty of time to spare for the holidays, releasing on October 9.

Now, if only there was a comfortable way to use it on the couch.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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