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Oninaki: How To Save

Don't lose your progress.

by Dean James


Oninaki is the latest game from Tokyo RPG Factory, but utilizes a very different play style than their previous two turn-based outings. This means there might be a bit of a learning curve for those who have played their previous outings. This means saving definitely will play a big part in making sure you do not lose your progress, so this guide will tell you just how you can save in the game.

How to Save in Oninaki

A lot of modern RPGs feature an auto-save system, which Oninaki does include as well. However, you are also going to want to save manually throughout as well to make sure your save is the most up to date and that you can go back potentially if you get stuck.

If you are looking to save manually, you must look for stone monuments found all throughout the game that glow and create a dome of healing around you when you get close enough to them. These are the save stations in the game, which also have a number of other features you can utilize as well. However, we are only talking about saving at this point.

To save, scroll up to the Save option and then pick a slot you want to save in and do so. I highly recommend that you keep multiple save files going, because there could be a moment where you get stuck and really need to go back a little bit. One instance in particular game late in the game when there were back to back boss fights with no warning. Up to that point there were no boss fights back to back, so it was easy to use up all the healing incense in the first fight. If you don’t have another save, you’ll have to keep trying to beat it without healing incense, which I ended up having to do.

The auto-saves are a great option to have in Oninaki, but definitely keep up with your manually saves as well just so you can go back to moments you want to replay later or just have a backup if the auto-save is longer ago than you may think.

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