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Your only option for baseball games is on the PlayStation

by William Schwartz


It looks like 2K Sports will not renew the MLB 2K series in 2014, according to a statement from the game maker.

In a statement made to Polygon earlier today, a 2K Sports representative had this to say: “We have decided not to renew our MLB 2K series for 2014. We are very proud of the achievements made by the MLB 2K team and look forward to their contributions to our future titles, including NBA 2K — our industry’s #1 rated and #1 selling basketball franchise.”

With that said, it looks like the only place to play virtual baseball will be on the PlayStation family of consoles, with Sony’s popular MLB The Show series. This could open the door for EA to bring back their MVP Baseball series, they would have very little competition, especially on the Xbox One.

The 2K Baseball series has seen its fair share of criticisms over the last few years, with questionable quality on the last few renditions. Despite offering players millions of real dollars in real world cash through competitions at the game’s launch, apparently this wasn’t a profitable venture for 2K.

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