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Overwatch Character Tracer Joins Heroes Of The Storm This Month

by Mike Guarino


A character from Blizzard’s upcoming multiplayer shooter Overwatch is set to be hopping into another of the dev’s games soon, as they have revealed that Tracer will be coming to Heroes of the Storm. The character will be available on April 19th for those who pre-purchase a digital copy of the Overwatch: Origin Edition on PC.

However, those who don’t get in on the Origin Edition will not be missing out on the character entirely, as they can purchase the character starting on April 26th. Blizzard released an official statement regarding the character, saying the following:

“Tracer, the time-jumping adventurer from Overwatch, is getting ready to make her Heroes of the Storm® debut! Equipped with the chronal accelerator designed by her gorilla scientist pal Winston and a pair of deadly pulse pistols to match, this highly mobile ranged Assassin zips around the Battlegrounds of the Nexus, catching enemy heroes off guard and then vanishing before they have a chance to react.”

They also shared a video showing off Tracer in Heroes of the Storm, which you can check out directly below.

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