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Overwatch Getting Its First New Map In September

by Mike Guarino


Blizzard’s popular hero shooter Overwatch has gotten some big updates in the months following its launch, though next month will mark one of the biggest ones yet. While we’ve gotten new modes and heroes up to this point, the game will be getting its first new map in September.

The map is called Eichenwalde, which is a German castle that will be playable at Gamescom. The map is notable for tying into the upcoming The Last Bastion short, as it is where the short takes place and is actually where Bastion was found. More information on the map will be coming during Gamescom, as actual gameplay footage will be released for us to check out.

Overwatch had most recently gotten a new update that fixed an exploit in the new Lucioball mode, which essentially allowed users of the exploit to use characters other than Lucio. Seeing as the mode was tailored around Lucio’s moves, this allowed some characters to seriously screw up matches and annoy the heck of a lot of gamers.

The mode is actually really solid, however, giving the game a Rocket League-like mode that is a definite change of pace compared to the other modes in the game. Stay tuned for more Overwatch-related news over the course of Gamescom.

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