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Overwatch Hero Orisa Joins Official Roster Next Week

by Mike Guarino


We learned recently that the next hero joining Overwatch’s roster would be the tank character Orisa, and Blizzard has released a new behind-the-scenes video that gives more background about the character and her creation process. Along with the video comes an announcement from the developer regarding when the character will be added to the game, which is next Tuesday.

You can check out the behind-the-scenes video at the bottom of this post, but in the video game director Jeff Kaplan talks about how they came up with the character. He says that they “talked a lot about introducing another, what we like to call, anchor tank. We see a gothic Zarya, adds to it Bastion’s cannon, there was just a combination of cobbled-together parts, but it was instantly fun. And that’s how we knew we were on to a good hero.”

There’s a lot more information that you can get on Orisa over at the game’s official site, which describers her as a “central anchor of her team.” She can attack from long range, while also defending her teammates with a protective barrier. Other abilities include launching graviton charges to slow enemies and deploying a Supercharger to boost the damage output of a number of allies at once.

Orisa was built from parts of the short-lived OR15 defense robots and was originally put into service before the Omnic Crisis. “Orisa has shown that she can be of service to the city, but she is still working toward finding her optimal protocols. The omnic’s inexperience can cause her to be an occasional liability. Fortunately, between Efi’s willingness to make the necessary modifications and Orisa’s adaptive artificial intelligence, both robot and creator have always been able to set things right.”

Orisa will be added to the game’s official roster on March 21st.

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