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Overwatch Now Releasing A Day Early In The US

by Mike Guarino


Overwatch is set to make its launch next week, though it looks like the game will be arriving to buyers a day earlier than expected. The game officially launches on May 24th, though multiple retailers now have the release date updated to May 23rd.

The game’s Amazon page has the following release date announcement update attached to it: “Overwatch will now be released one day early, on May 23rd, 2016. Servers go live on May 24th, 2016. Product availability is subject to change and limited to stock on hand. Date and time playable subject to change.” Both Gamestop and Best Buy also have the game’s release date listed as May 23rd.

Despite getting the game a day early, people still won’t be able to actually play until the original launch date. However, this will allow many to get a jump start on installing the game on their systems and downloading all of the updates.

Developer Blizzard has been releasing CGI shorts for each of its 21 Overwatch characters recently, with the latest one being called Dragons. The episode focuses on Hanzo, which is the archer character in the upcoming game. You can check out the new animated short below.

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