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Overwatch’s New Hero Sigma Revealed

The new Hero also gets a pretty grim Origin Story.

by Alex Levine


After teasing the heck out of its fanbase this past week, Blizzard has finally unveiled the newest Hero for Overwatch, and his name is Sigma. Not to be confused with the main antagonist of Mega Man X, Sigma is a human scientist who has the ability to manipulate gravity. His appearance is intimidating to say the least, and the same can be said for his Origin Story, which is arguably the bleakest of the Heroes.

The video shows Sigma researching and attempting to obtain the powers of a Black Hole, which is always a great idea. Things go wrong and Sigma is sent to a hospital where he starts to lose his mind. Questioning his hypothesis and being mesmerized by a certain song, Sigma unravels and becomes the weaponized fighter we know now. He joins the terrorist organization Talon, which is comprised of Doomfist, Reaper, Widowmaker, and Sombra.

No official gameplay was shown of Sigma besides a teaser at the end, but now that his Origin Story is out, it’s only a matter of time until Jeff and company show us what he’s capable of. From what we can tell he’ll most likely serve as the newest Tank for the game, given his size and stature. Hopefully we won’t be waiting long, but this is easily an unforgettable impression on Sigma, possibly the darkest Hero in the game.

You can check out Sigma’s Origin Story here:

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