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Pachter believes the PlayStation 4 hype train is losing steam


Michael Pachter is well known for his bold predictions as a games industry analyst.  Some of them are right, and some of the are wrong, but a recent observation he has made suggests that hype surrounding the PlayStation 4 is dying down prematurely. On a recent episode of Pach Attack, the analyst answered questions regarding the announcement of the PS4 and the impending reveal of the next Xbox.

“I think Microsoft and Sony, they’ve actually departed from prior practice by having an independant event different from E3.   I think Sony was very smart to do it in February, they’ve kept the buzz up with a lot of people talking about PS4.  That talk has faded now that we’re in late-April and the Xbox event is May 21st. That talk has faded.  Now the talk is all about the Next Xbox event.  So there’s buzz in front of it.  The truth is…  Buzz is one thing, but purchase intent is another.  I don’t think anyone is buying any of these boxes until they see them, and they see the price.”

The Next Generation Xbox is slated to be revealed on May 21st, when Microsoft will hold a dedicated event for the new console in Washington.  There’s no telling what Microsoft will reveal about the new console next week, but with E3 2013 less than a month away, we’ll likely be hearing our fair share of next-gen facts in the coming weeks.

- This article was updated on:February 21st, 2017

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