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Paragon Gets Speed Boost In Response To Players

by Scott Grill


The Paragon beta has been running for a couple of months now on the PlayStation 4 and PC with one common complaint revolving around the speed of characters. Epic Games is addressing the need for speed in the third-person MOBA with an across the board movement speed increase for all heroes in the latest beta patch.

Paragon update version .24 is now live for both the PS4 and PC version of the MOBA. The main draw is the base movement speed has been increased by 12.5 percent for every hero. This increases the base movement speed of melee heroes from 420 to 472.5 while ranged heroes get a boost from 400 to 450.

Additionally, Epic Games has completely removed the strafing penalty for heroes. This means players moving side to side or diagonally whether attacking or not will enjoy the same movement speed as moving straight ahead.

“We thought it was important to get the new movement speed changes in front of the community as soon as possible,” Epic Games explained. “Base Movement speed will not be increased beyond this point, however we will evaluate the changes and may slightly decrease the speed in the future based on data and community feedback.”

This Paragon update also brings a combo hero to the table in the form of Iggy and Scorch. Iggy is a small goblin riding the fire belching Scorch. Together, they are a cackling, Molotov cocktail throwing, fire-breathing combo that’s sure to annoy opposing players.

Collectible cards that can be equipped is a major component to Paragon and one that isn’t always easily understood. The .24 update introduces a new Card Linking system to the Deck Builder to make the path, cost, and effects of upgrading cards more obvious. This is another area of the game that players can expect more changes as it is still very early in development, but you can get an explanation from the developer Matt Schembari here.

The patch notes for the Paragon .24 update are too lengthy to be posted here. You can catch them at the game’s website.

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