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Paragon Open Beta Kicks Off In August, New Hero Revealed

by Mike Guarino


While Paragon has been playable in early access form, developer Epic Games has said several times that an open beta will be going live this Summer to give more gamers access. The developer has now announced that the open beta for the game will go live on August 16th, which applies to both the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game. To make matters even better, if you currently are in the early access for the game then your XP will not be reset by the time the beta comes around.

The developer also detailed a lot changes that they plan to incorporate into the game going forward, with one of the things being the MOBA feel of the game and how to improve upon it. They said the following:

“The first, and most major piece of feedback we want to address (while not often specifically articulated) is the MOBA feel of our game. We know we’re lacking in some key areas – few strong hero roles, aberrant roaming deathmatch strategies (“Deathball”), and most importantly, a lot of the core “feeling” that MOBAs give.”

“Those things that MOBA players know: understanding how, and when, to trade map position for objectives; how to capitalize on a team wipe; how to rotate; where to be safe and where you’re at risk. We want more of all of this! Everything comes down to one core concept: commitment.”

There are several other changes that Epic plans to address that includes map traversal, the removal of “Deathball” and adjusting match length, and you can check out the complete details on those by clicking right here.

They also revealed a brand new fighting hero in the game called Khaimera, which you can check out in the new announcement trailer below.

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