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Payday 2 Free DLC “Shadow Raid” Stealth Only Heist coming May 29th

by William Schwartz


Payday 2 is getting a free update on May 29th which will introduce the first Stealth Only Heist with the release of Shadow Raid.

The Shadow Raid mission has the Payday crew infiltrating a derelict warehouse in a bad part of town, guarded by a PMC outfit known as Murkywater. Overkill says that while security is light on the outside of the compound, and players get deeper into the warehouse, security will get tighter and tighter. The further you get, the higher the reward will be.

For those who reach the inner vault, there’s a key card secured treasure to be discovered.

Payday 2 will be on sale this week on Steam at 67% off the regular price, and will be Free to Play between Thursday May 29th and Monday June 2nd.

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