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Payday 2 is Coming to VR and Here’s The First Look at it in Action

by William Schwartz


Starbreeze and Overkill have announced that Payday 2 is coming to VR on Steam, with a beta to begin in 2017.   They released a trailer for the game, which shows off some pretty impressive gameplay that looks comparable to what Payday 2 players would normally see when playing the game.

The teaser shows off an HTC Vive set-up allowing the player to use the controllers to don weapons and armband display to keep objectives in view.  Being a cooperative game, the trailer also showcased the ability for players to play between PC and VR, so we’re assuming that you could partner up with any other Payday 2 players regardless of whether they’re playing in VR or not.

Being an incredibly popular game on Steam, this could very well be a booster shot for Virtual Reality as this doesn’t seem like the “experience” type games that we’ve been seeing flood the market since the hardware went into full retail release.  Instead of a novelty, it looks like Payday 2 VR will be a game that people already like to play, but given VR features.

You can check out the trailer below.  It’s unclear whether this will be a separate purchase, from the original Payday or functionality added through an update.

Update:  Apparently the VR capability will be available to all who already own the game.

Payday 2 Virtual Reality

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