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PC Gamer petition for GTA V reaches 100,000 signatures

by William Schwartz


Rockstar Games has yet confirm any platforms for their next Grand Theft Auto title besides the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which they began taking pre-orders for earlier this month. With the franchise having such a large following on the PC, this segment of GTA fans are left wondering if they’ll get a crack at this next open-world title.

A petition which was formed last week is continuing to pick up steam, and has recently surpassed 100,000 signatures from players pleading with the developer to bring GTA V to PC. Whether or not this will have any impact on Rockstar’s decision to bring the title to the platform is anyone’s guess, but Rockstar is still “considering it”.

In a recent interview, Dan Houser of Rockstar Games said there are still other options on the table, and that the developer was looking at both the Wii U and PC as possible platforms that GTA V could arrive on. If GTA V arrived on the PC at a later date, it wouldn’t be a first for the franchise. Grand Theft Auto IV didn’t make it to the PC until over six months after its debut on consoles, but continues to have a large following on the platform, due to community made content from the modding community.

GTA V is scheduled for a spring 2013 release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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