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PC Gaming sales stronger than PS3 says Electronic Arts

by William Schwartz


Electronic Arts recently divulged its financial data for the quarter, and those numbers have shined light on the PC gaming market. Once thought to be a market that was on its last legs, EA says that it’s making more money on PC games than it is on the PlayStation 3.

According to analysis by PC Gamer, EA is making the most money from Xbox 360 (or at least it did in the last quarter), followed by the PC and then PlayStation 3. These strides in the PC market for Electronic Arts are likely tied to the Origin platform, which has over 21 million users. While PC gamers have long abandoned going to retailers and picking up boxed copies of games, the popularity of digital distribution for PC games is obviously picking up speed for the company.

In fact, year over year digital sales increased for the company by a tidy sum of $1.1 million. Where more traditional physical media sales have declined in the same period. PC Gamer thinks that this could indicate that the digital market is set to overtake the physical one in “a year or two.”

Not all was rosy on the PC gaming front for Electronic Arts in their recent numbers.  Star Wars: The Old Republic has been bleeding subscribers for some time, and recently dropped below the one million mark, which may prompt the company to take the MMO into the realm of free-to-play.

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