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Persona 3 and Persona 5 Dancing Spin-Offs Get New Trailer Showing Special Editions

by Jose Belmonte


Atlus has released a new trailer showcasing the special editions of Persona 3 Dancing Moon Light and Persona 5 Dancing Star Night, the two upcoming rhythm games based on the soundtrack of each title. We also get a glimpse at the new PS4 version of Persona 4 Dancing All Night, the spin-off originally released for PSVita that will make the jump to the home console as part of a triple pack along with the two brand new games.

The trailer as a commercial presented by Tanaka, one of the recurring characters of the series, which is perfect to present such a hardcore fan-oriented products. Each of the games present a brand new story which will appeal to those who enjoyed the main entries, even though their gameplay styles are drastically different. Moreover, the extensive use of the original soundtrack serves as a celebration of one of the most acclaimed aspects of the series.

The PS4 version of Persona 4 Dancing All Night only comes as a digital download as part of the ‘Persona Dancing All-Star Triple Pack’ and in case you are wondering, Atlus has currently no plans for a separate release. As the game is already out in PSVita, the portable console will get a ‘Persona Dancing Deluxe Twin Plus Pack’, including the dancing spin-offs of Persona 3 and 5. Both packs include four CDs with the full soundtrack of each game.

The trailer is oriented to a Japanese audience, since the games still don’t have a release date in North America or Europe, but it is interesting to see thee different formats in case the company attempts to launch the same bundles in other countries.

Persona 3 Dancing Moon Light and Persona 5 Dancing Star Night will release for PS4 on May 25 in Japan.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018