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PES 2015 Is 1080p For PS4 But 720p On Xbox One And PS3

by | @jblrules316 | on September 29, 2014


Konami has revealed some of the technical differences between the many versions of PES 2015. It appears the PS4 version of the game will have the highest resolution on consoles.

The official PES website posted up a table looking at the differences of the PS4, PS3 and Xbox One versions of the game. Most of the information is in Japanese, but we can tell what the framerate and resolution is for the consoles they had listed.

The PS4 version of PES 2015 appears to have the best performance as it runs at full 1080p at 60fps. This has been the target that most game developers try to aim for. Not all of them have to reach this target, but games will look better on bigger TVs running at 1080p.

As for the Xbox One version of PES 2015, it shares the same stats as the PS3 version. Both versions only render at 720p, but thankfully both of them run at 60fps. The game uses the FOX Engine.

It looks like the Fox Engine and/or Konami have trouble outputting more power to the Xbox One. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes was also 720p on Xbox One compared to 1080p on PS4.

Do you care about the resolution of games, or do you not notice it at all?

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