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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Headed to Consoles and PC

No Objection!

by Rhys ap Gwyn

Capcom have announced that they’re bringing their Phoenix Wright Trilogy to home consoles and PC after having been exclusive to Nintendo’s DS series for a long time with the same trilogy released for the 3DS and mobile devices in 2014.


The trilogy collects the original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (2001), its sequel, Justice for All (2002) as well as Trials and Tribulations (2004) to complete the collection. The visuals and audio have been reworked along with tweaks to the UI and save system, allowing for up to ten saves for each game. The game is also providing both English and Japanese language options for those who love that jazz.

The original Phoenix Wright released on the GBA in 2001 in Japan and the series is enjoyed for its characters, dialogue and the way you go through evidence to catch would-be liars off guard. As mentioned, the trilogy was released again for 3DS and mobile in 2014 and was well received with reviewers mentioning how well the game stands up even in today’s market.


You play as Phoenix Wright as you investigate cases and defend clients in court, cross-examining witnesses to break apart their stories and find the truth. There are three more titles in the core series which were released for the 3DS and mobile devices and if this trilogy does well, hopefully they will make their way over too. I’m a little surprised that the entire six-part series isn’t being released as a perfect little bundle.

The series has done very well for Capcom over the years and has in fact been so popular, the last episode of the first game was adapted into a stage musical called Ace Attorney: Truth Resurrected.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy will be out in early 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. Let’s hope they include mic support so that we can scream OBJECTION! out loud like on the DS.


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