Picking up Dog Tags Will Give You a Head Start in Modern Warfare 2 Season Two

Get ready to pick up some dog tags in the new Modern Warfare 2 season.

by Carlos Hurtado

In most Call of Duty games, picking up dog tags was reserved for the Kill Confirmed game mode, but with this new Modern Warfare 2 season, this will change and give players an unexpected advantage that will allow them to get a head start on their enemies and get close to victory.

On February 8, the official Call of Duty website released a blog post detailing most of the changes and additions that Modern Warfare 2 season two will bring to the table, among them a new feature available on Ashika Island that will give the game a new spin, changing the game’s dynamic. According to the lengthy blog post, players on Ashika Island will have access to an honor feature that allows players to pick up dog tags and get an unexpected advantage capable of getting players closer to victory.

Picking up your teammates’ or your dog tags in Ashika Island will give you a small cash reward and a single UAV ping, revealing nearby enemies and supply boxes. Helping players who are alone or players who redeploy into the map.

This new honor feature will give players an advantage when their teammates or themselves get dropped by enemy players. Information is power, and even more in DMZ and Warzone 2. Sometimes players need a small piece of information to make the right turn or take cover in the right building to secure a win.

This new feature will be used frequently by competitive players who want to get an advantage over enemy players. Most Warzone 2 and DMZ players are in a match for a few reasons only, getting a win and getting as much loot as possible before they have to exfil.

Ashika Island is smaller than Al Masrah, so having a single UAV ping may be what players need to stalk enemy players or get the supplies or cash needed to complete their loadout before the next circle starts to get close.

Modern Warfare 2 season two has lots of new content for fans of the game, so players should wait eagerly until the season is live on February 15. Lack of content is one of the few complaints players have with Modern Warfare 2, and this new season may ease those feelings toward the developers and the game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

- This article was updated on February 8th, 2023