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Piczle Lines DX Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

by Mike Guarino


The connect-the-dot picture puzzle game called Piczle Lines DX is coming to Nintendo Switch soon, according to Rainy Frog Games. The game was originally only available on mobile devices under the free-to-play model, though it will feature a premium price when it releases on the eShop. However, the pricing for the game when it does launch has not yet been revealed, though it will likely be relatively cheap considering the genre.

As for what players can expect to get from the game under the new premium pricing model, it has been revealed that there will be over 300 levels included with the base game. To make matters even better, there will also be free levels added to the game regularly in the months following its launch. Piczle Lines DX is set to be playable at Tokyo Indie Fest on May 14 in Akihabara, Tokyo.

While the announcement only confirms the game’s release in Japan, Rainy Frog Games has confirmed that release information regarding the American and European releases will be coming soon. In the meantime, you can check out the Japanese trailer for the game at the bottom of this post.

It may not be the type of game that gets everyone pumped to go out and grab it, but the game has been generally well-received with its versions on iOS and Android. The object of the game is to create pictures by connecting the right dots. Despite being a puzzle game, it actually does contain a story mode for those who are looking for a meatier experience. It originally launched earlier this year, and is the follow-up to Piczle Lines.

Piczle Lines DX is developed by Score Studios, who is a western-style developer that is based in Japan. You can check out the game in action on the Switch via the new video below.

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