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Planetside 2 on PS4 rivals PC on max settings

by William Schwartz


The PlayStation 4 will come equipped with a handful of free-to-play games near launch.  This includes one of SOE’s titles, Planetside 2.  Currently available on PC, Planetside 2 is a massive shooter, and a good looking one at that.   So will it be dumbed down on the PlayStation 4?  Nope, not all according to Sony Online Entertainment.  The developers are shooting to put the game at par with the PC version on MAX settings at launch.

According to a recent interview with the Creative Director of the shooter, they want to get as close to the PC game at maximum settings as possible, with no limitations on number of players, map sizes, other gimped features that the PC version includes.

“The biggest difference that you’ll see is in the interface elements,” said Matt Higby.  “They’ll be customized to work better with a console controller and other tweaks that make things work on a console game.”  However, the core elements of the game won’t be changed at all according to Higby.  There will still be thousands of players on the continents in Planetside 2, with all the big action and character progression elements to boot.

Planetside 2 is launch window game for the PlayStation 4, and completely free to play.

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