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PlayStation 4 will be playable with or without launch day patch

by William Schwartz


Last week it was revealed that Sony’s PlayStation 4 would have a massive day one patch to add features to the console, some seeming pretty important to the usefulness of the system. However, it’s been recently confirmed that this patch isn’t required to fire up your PS4 and play games offline.

While the patch will add things to the PS4 like Remote Play, Second Screen, and Blu Ray playback, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida says that the update isn’t necessary if you don’t want those additional features or undergo a long wait to download and install a patch for the system.

Though you’ll probably want to have the update ASAP to get full functionality out of the console. You can find the full list of features in the PS4 Day One Update patch notes, and it includes some really important aspects of the connected PS4 experience.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 arrives on November 15th.

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