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PlayStation 4 System Update 3.50 Is More Than Meets The Eye With Hidden Features

by Dean James


PlayStation Store owners that were part of the latest update beta have had the 3.50 firmware for awhile, but the update went live to everybody on Wednesday. This included a number of features that PS4 owners have been asking for, including the ability to appear offline, but there are some unannounced features that have been discovered as well.

As compiled by Engadget through various posts on Reddit, it has been revealed that PlayStation 4 system update 3.50 has a good bit more content than we previously knew. One of the biggest is that the PS4 will now support up to 4TB of storage space, which is definitely great to hear with the massive size that some games are reaching now.

The update also brings back USB music streaming through the system’s USB Music Player, as long as you have the songs within a folder titled MUSIC, similar to how you can watch videos within a VIDEO folder.

Within the system settings, you can now disable the notification that comes up every time you take a screenshot that simply tells you that you had taken one. This was certainly an annoying feature, so it’s great to see that we can turn it off now.

There are also some other unannounced features like being able to limit your party size between 2-8 people, which helps when you don’t want unannounced people jumping into your parties with friends. More features may be discovered, so we’ll keep an eye on those as they are possibly found.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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