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The PlayStation 4 and Next Xbox could boost Wii U sales, says research


The games industry has been in decline for some time.  Many point to the extended life-cycle of consoles as a major problem, but even with the release of the Wii U Nintendo is facing their fair share of adversity.  So if the problem was that this generation lasted too long, why aren’t consumers snapping up the Wii U?

A recent research report from ABI suggests that the Wii U’s problems aren’t necessarily indicative of the climate for new consoles in general, and that the release of the Next Xbox and PlaYStation 4 could boost Nintendo’s sales as well.

“There’s room for optimism,” the research report suggests.  However, it does come with some stipulations.  “This optimism is predicated on several factors. First, that the Wii U receives a price reduction in 2013. Second, that next gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony launch with adequate time and production to meet holiday demand, with pricing below $450 and ideally at $350. Finally, that the next generation consoles don’t adopt significant consumer unfriendly practices that will cause consumers to rethink their purchases, such as steps to inhibit the used game market or requiring an always on DRM/Internet connection to prevent other forms of piracy.”

The research report implies that Microsoft will without a doubt have a new console on the market before the end of the year, while fans are still waiting for official word from the company.

- This article was updated on:February 20th, 2018

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