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PlayStation 5 Logo and Features Revealed at CES

Next-gen is almost upon us.

by Diego Perez


While an official PlayStation 5 reveal event is likely still a ways off, we at least got to see something new at Sony’s CES 2020 keynote: the PS5 logo. It looks just like you’d expect. Just take the PlayStation 4 logo and swap out the 4 for a 5. Of course, the logo is hardly anything to get excited about, so some additional features of the PlayStation 5 were also confirmed during the presentation.

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan took the stage at CES to confirm some of the features of the PlayStation 5, most of which we’ve already heard about. 3D audio and hardware-based ray tracing will allow games to look and sound even better than before, and the system will come with an SSD to dramatically reduce load times. Also, the DualShock 5 controller will have adaptive triggers that provide haptic feedback when pulled.


None of this is particularly new information, but more will probably be revealed at the official PlayStation 5 reveal event. There’s no word on when Sony is planning on fully unveiling their next-generation system to the public, but considering Microsoft made the first move at The Game Awards in December, it’s likely that something is coming up soon. Regardless of when more is shown, the system is still scheduled to launch this holiday alongside the Xbox Series X.

Shifting the focus back to this current generation, Ryan announced updated sales figures for the PlayStation 4, which has recently hit 106 million units sold. This milestone makes it Sony’s second best-selling console of all time behind the PlayStation 2 at 158 million units worldwide, and the second best-selling console of all time in general (barring Nintendo’s line of handhelds). The PlayStation VR is still slowly trucking along with 5 million units having been sold since its inception in late 2016, and the PS4 is not lacking in the software sales department with 1.15 billion games sold. PlayStation Network isn’t doing too bad, either, with 103 million active users and 38.8 million PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The PlayStation 4 is ending on a high note, and hopefully, the PlayStation 5 will be able to perform just as well when it launches later this year. The current generation is wrapping up with tons of great games, and it’s safe to say next-gen will give us even greater experiences.

- This article was updated on:January 23rd, 2020

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