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PlayStation Manager Taking Ideas For Next PS4 Update

by Damian Seeto


The next major PS4 update won’t be available yet, but a PlayStation manager is taking ideas from fans on what features it could include.

PlayStation Europe’s senior manager, James Fairbairn, is taking suggestions from fans on what might be included in the next PS4 update.

He tweeted: “Hey all. What amazing/magical/insane capability would you add to PS4’s feature list? Asking for a friend”

He didn’t just write this sentence and forget about it. Fairbairn has actively answered many fans’ questions on what might be included in the next PS4 update.

One fan named “TheZenith24” gave this great idea: “Support for digital PS1/PS2 classics, video chatting (similar to Skype) and DLNA streaming”. Fairbairn replied with a simple “thanks”. If those features are included in the next PS4 update, that would be pretty cool.

Several users suggested a way for them to group or favorite certain members of their friend list. One person had over 1000 PSN friends, and wanted a more convenient to find his close friends. Fairbairn said “nice thanks” on the the idea of grouping your friends in the next PS4 update.

One user suggested support for external hard drives. Fairbairn just mentioned he agreed with the idea, but didn’t share more on how it could be implemented in a future PS4 update.

There were tons of ideas that fans came up with for features that could be included in a future PS4 update. If you want to suggest something, tweet to @jfairbairn.

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