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PlayStation Experience Returns This December In Anaheim

| September 27, 2016

PlayStation Experience Returns This December In Anaheim News PlayStation  PlayStation Experience 2016 Playstation Experience

PlayStation Experience is quickly becoming the yearly event for hardcore PlayStation fans. The first event was in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada with last years event taking place in San Francisco, California and it looks like this years event will take place in Anaheim.

The news came out via NeoGaf where it appears the header for last years link to register for the event was updated. The event is set to take place at the Anaheim Convention Center, December 3-4. No official confirmation yet, but it seems logical since the last two were also in December. Fans can expect an announcement soon.

Now comes the question what could PlayStation reveal at the event, logical thinking would say some more God Of War gameplay, and hopefully Spider-Man gameplay. It would be safe to say that some can expect some more HDR gameplay from the PlayStation 4 Pro. Then there are some outrageous wishful thinking announcements that many fans would love to see revealed, Crash Bandicoot game being the top of that list to most PlayStation fans. Bloodborne 2 would likely be a close second for most fans.

Are you excited for the upcoming events and possible announcements? Do you live in the area and are looking to attend?

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  • Guest

    Good news.. Hoping for some announcements…

  • Allen

    I’m surprised not to see the mobile news announced on this site. Sony is bringing PlayStation to Android and Apple

  • Sexy Mcgee

    Here’s another chance for them to make a case for the PS4 Pro… that they’ll likely fuck up. Hoping to be pleasantly surprising, expecting to be further disappointed.

    • Allen

      The new releases and news that you have options (4k & 30 fps, updated graphics & 30 fps or 1080p & 60 fps) are all the proof in the world that for $100 more it’s worth doing it.

      Of course jealous Xbox fanboys will continue to spew lies and try to sway gamers but that’s expected from that disgrace of a fan base.

      Battlefield 1 & COD IW in all its enhanced glory before Christmas and forward compat titles & VR! Man PkayStation is gonna fucking pwn Xbox bad this year.

      • Sexy Mcgee

        There is an understandable level of confusion. Only with Tomb Raider is it clear that you get a native 1080p option with enhancements.

        You often hear about the enhancement to 1080p being super sampling. Meaning the game is running at 2k and then scaled down to 1080p. In these cases it isn’t clear if you get the choice of native 1080p.

        The problem here is – despite your retarded levels of brand name whorish outright bullshit – it has been shown that COD offers no extra enhancements outside of the res bump. However, the res bump isn’t free and the game actually runs WORSE on POS4 Pro than on PS4 O.

        Where do you get the info that BF1 will get enhancements? This is something I have yet to see from official channels. Also, if COD’s framerate goes to shit worse on PS4 Pro due to the res bump to 2k WITHOUT any enhancements then BF1 will be outright unplayable at 2k if they add any enhancements.

        VR is DOA. Sony realized this after the massive flop that Occulous and Vive were that’s why it scaled back it’s emphasis at the September 7 presentation and focused on selling 4k TVs.

        It would take a brand name whore of epic proportions that’s so in denial and shitting himself so hard that the competitors product is that much better to not just be in denial of the facts but to outright lie. They even need to tell themselves that the distaste for POS4 Pro comes from Xbox fanboys even though most of it comes from disappointed Sony fans. They would be in denial of this despite the below pictorial proof.

  • Mr Xrat

    Another Xgimp tears extractor.

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