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PlayStation Experience Returns This December In Anaheim

by Anthony Decicco


PlayStation Experience is quickly becoming the yearly event for hardcore PlayStation fans. The first event was in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada with last years event taking place in San Francisco, California and it looks like this years event will take place in Anaheim.

The news came out via NeoGaf where it appears the header for last years link to register for the event was updated. The event is set to take place at the Anaheim Convention Center, December 3-4. No official confirmation yet, but it seems logical since the last two were also in December. Fans can expect an announcement soon.

Now comes the question what could PlayStation reveal at the event, logical thinking would say some more God Of War gameplay, and hopefully Spider-Man gameplay. It would be safe to say that some can expect some more HDR gameplay from the PlayStation 4 Pro. Then there are some outrageous wishful thinking announcements that many fans would love to see revealed, Crash Bandicoot game being the top of that list to most PlayStation fans. Bloodborne 2 would likely be a close second for most fans.

Are you excited for the upcoming events and possible announcements? Do you live in the area and are looking to attend?

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