Attack of the Fanboy

PlayStation Experience Summarized In Eight Photos

by William Schwartz


PlayStation Experience was a wonderful show of fans, games and industry icons coming out and celebrate gaming. Sure it had the backdrop of sin city and PlayStation but it was really about a community of fans and gaming. Sure there is PAX and other types of shows like PlayStation Experience but this was one for a specific group of fans, of which can be arguably the most passionate type of fans. PlayStation fans.

During our time at the show we saw a lot of great things and we decided to pick out eight photos that we felt represent the ‘experience’ of being there. We hope you like them.


Las Vegas, Nevada. The site of the first-ever PlayStation Experience to celebrate fans and PlayStation in honor of the 20th Anniversary of the brand.


PlayStation, the host of the two-day event that brought fans together from all over the world.


The Sands Expo Center, where the whole shin-dig took place including the opening keynote that brought many PlayStation related announcements. From free games to exclusives to world premiere trailers.


The Official crest of PlayStation Experience 2014. It was branded on t-shirts, carry cases and other materials available for purchase by fans.


Celebrating PlayStation’s 20th anniversary is no easy task but this event was one way to show their appreciation to the fans. We still wanted a Crash game besides the one depicted above.


Fans gathered at the ‘Wall’ where fans met, and shared their love for PlayStation by signing it.


Panels, a wide array of panels that featured PlayStation big-wigs and developers from around the industry to share their insight and answer questions straight from the fans. I don’t know of any other event where fans were able to ask questions to top leadership in any company.


Swag, if you like collectibles one of the rarest (not as rare as the sold out Classic PlayStation 4) items was having to collect a full 52 card deck from around the conventions various booths. It was a difficult task but some were able to accomplish it. On top of this, every attendee received a swag bag full of items ranging from t-shirts and various other exclusive items. There was also a section for purchasing rare PlayStation memorabilia.


Finally, there was the love shared between fans and developers. Having spoken to a few developers at the event and fans alike. Many were unanimous in saying that the experience was nothing like they have ever had and it made many who left the event on Sunday feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

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