Attack of the Fanboy

PlayStation Experience To Be An Annual Event?

by William Schwartz


During the opening few minutes it was clear that fans have come out in full force to support PlayStation and PlayStation Experience was there to support it’s fans back.

Shawn Layden, SCEA President and CEO let slip that not only is this the “First ever” PlayStation Experience, but it is the first “annual” or inaugural PlayStation Experience. Fans have come from across the world to be here in Las Vegas. By the feel from the crowd it seemed that everyone was happy to be here, no matter how small or large the announcements were. For tickets selling at the $90 price range for two days of what is essentially a celebration of all things PlayStation, fans get their moneys worth. The announcements may not have all been mega-tons but everything seemed to have hit home with the audience in one way or another.

Hopefully this event will continue next year and soon we will be celebration and anniversary of not only PlayStation whom are celebrating their 20th, but an anniversary of the PlayStation Experience convention itself. Would you buy a ticket to the PlayStation Experience if it were to occur next year or should Sony be saving their announcements for E3?

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