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PlayStation Trophies Can Now Earn You Some Cash

by Jelani James


Would you like to be paid for earning trophies for your PlayStation games? If your answer is yes, then you’ll be happy to know is that Sony is making your wish a reality.

In an update to Sony Rewards, the US-exclusive loyalty program introduced in 2010, PSN users can now earn some cash by earning PlayStation trophies for games in their library. As you might expect, the amount of money you earn is based on the difficulty of earning the trophy itself — Bronze yields the least, while Platinum yields the most.

Here is the breakdown on how much points you can earn:

— 100 silver trophies for 100 points/ 1 point per trophy
— 25 gold trophies for 250 points/ 10 points per trophy
— 10 platinum trophies for 1,000 points/ 100 points per trophy

Every 1, 000 points earns you a $10 PSN voucher, so while earning a platinum is not always an easy feat, obtaining five will earn you enough to pick up a PlayStation Vita title and the benefits only increase from there. There is a limit to how much you can earn, however, with the terms and conditions noting that you can only earn up to 12 Trophy Passes per year.

Though this program amounts to what is essentially free money, there are some drawbacks.

First off, this program is only available to users in the US, so this program is automatically off the table for anyone in a different region. Second, the rewards aren’t retroactive, so you won’t earn any cash even if you already happened to have a few platinum trophies under your belt.

This is the perfect time to revisit a few old titles that likely have a few PlayStation trophies left unearned and have been collecting dust. Just be sure to sign up for Sony Rewards and have your PlayStation account linked before you get started.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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