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The PlayStation Plus version of Drive Club will differ from paid

by William Schwartz


When Sony announced that PlayStation Plus subscribers would get a free PS4 game at launch with Drive Club, a lot sounded right about the new pay to play service.  But the more we hear about this free version of Drive Club, the more its starting to sound like a demo.  According to Evolution Studios, the free version of Drive Club will not be the same as the retail release.

Sure, the game will have all the features of the game you’ll find on store shelves, but it won’t have all the tracks and cars.  Furthermore, you’ll need to upgrade your game to get access to them.  In Q&A transcribed by PlayStationer, Evolution explains the differences between the free and paid versions of Drive Club for the PS4.

“Yes, the PS Plus version will be the exact same as the full version, except that it may be missing a few assets, such as cars or tracks, that will be found in the full version.”  However, the free version of Drive Club will still allow you to go online and play with friends via multiplayer or take on challenges in the single player side of things.  But from Evolution’s comments, you’ll only get a taste, and hopefully you’ll upgrade to the paid version after trying it out.

We got a chance to go hands-on with Drive Club on the PlayStation 4 at E3 2013.  You can find our impressions of Sony’s new racer, in our E3 coverage.

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