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PlayStation Vita owners are serious gamers


According to Drink Box Studios, makers of Guacamelee!, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, and upcoming game Severed, PlayStation Vita owners are serious gamers with a lot of purchasing power when it comes to games.

The people who do own Vitas are very serious consumers

Drinkbox’s Chris McQuinn recently spoke to Games Industry in a lengthy interview where the developer discussed the controversial handheld, among other things. Though on the topic of the PS Vita, the indie developer is quite enthusiastic about releasing games on the platform.

“Honestly, Vita owners are the fucking best. People who rag on the Vita so much, and I think people who rag on the Vita don’t understand, at least from a business perspective, the purchasing power of Vita owners. Vita owners are serious purchasers of games,” the developer said. ” I think what people fail to understand is the purchasers of Vitas are very, very engaged game consumers. For them, the attach rate with games is very high. There might not be a lot of Vitas out there, but the people who do own Vitas are very serious consumers; they buy a lot of games.”

After a rough launch in 2012, the PS Vita has failed to pick up traction on the sales front. Though recently, indie releases on the handheld have surged, giving Vita owners plenty of options when it comes to options.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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