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Pokemon Bank Users Getting Special Event Meganium, Typhlosion, and Feraligatr

by Kyle Hanson


Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have been throwing out some special event versions of past game’s starter Pokemon. This looks to continue with today’s announcement of a special promotion for new and existing Pokemon Bank users. Anyone who uses the Pokemon Bank service between February 27th and November 30th, 2015 will receive Meganium, Typhlosion, and Feraligatr as a special gift.

As a reward to current Pokémon Bank users, a special distribution event is on the way!

These are the final evolutionary forms of the starter Pokemon from Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, so fans of those games should definitely take advantage. They will also come some with special Hidden Abilities to make them even more formidable.

“Meganium’s Leaf Guard Hidden Ability protects the Pokémon from status conditions when sunlight is harsh or extremely harsh. Plus, this Meganium knows the move Sunny Day, allowing it to take advantage of its own Ability! Typhlosion has the Flash Fire Hidden Ability, which powers up Fire-type moves by 50% and prevents this Pokémon from taking damage from Fire-type moves…Feraligatr’s Sheer Force Hidden Ability eliminates the additional effects of this Pokémon’s attacks, but they will do an additional 30% damage instead. This Feraligatr knows three moves that have additional effects: Ice Punch, Crunch, and Waterfall.”

To receive the Pokemon all you have to do is use Pokemon Link in your copy of either Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby, or Alpha Sapphire. Each Pokemon Bank account can only receive one of each, and the offer begins on February 27th.

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