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Pokemon Go Caused a 200% Jump in sales of Pokemon X and Y

by Kyle Hanson


Pokemon Go may not be directly linked to Nintendo and the 3DS, but it is still having a very noticeable effect on the company and its handheld system. The NPD numbers already showed that the 3DS was the best selling gaming system for the month of July, and now Nintendo has issued their statement about the sales results, sharing more info about the effect that Pokemon Go has had.

First up, the 3DS was the top selling system, which is also attributed to the release of Monster Hunter Generations. As far as software goes, this is the really interesting story for the month. According to Nintendo Pokemon Go resulted in a 200% jump in sales of Pokemon X and Y, the first titles in the series for the 3DS. Their followups, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire also saw huge gains, but they were a bit more muted at 80%. The jump for Pokemon X and Y resulted in them placing 16th and 22nd in the top sales for the month, almost three years after they first launched.

Pokemon Go seems to have created a new craze for the series. Seeing just how big of a craze is pretty nuts though, and it’s likely that Nintendo will see further growth in older titles, along with Pokemon centered merchandise. And, of course, there is the upcoming release of Pokemon Sun and Moon for the 3DS, which are set to hit on November 18th. Thoe games were already going to be surefire hits, but with a huge new interest in all things Pokemon we could be in for a much better reception than already anticipated.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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